Being a FireFighter, and still active playing sports, I've encountered my fair share of injuries. My doctor sent me for therapy multiple times to Kevin Laser, and I have had fabulous results every time. Kevin is a very personable guy, and I've developed a friendship with him because of this. His staff is fun and professional, and is reflective of Kevin's personality. I will be using Fast Track PT for all of my therapy needs, and I wish my friend Kevin "Good Luck" with his new found business!

Bob Allen
Camden Fire

I injured my knee October 14 2008. I needed to pick a physical therapist, I picked Kevin Laser. Kevin Laser is great, professional and gets down to business when it comes to injuries. Kevin works you hard so you get to your goal. My goal was to have my knee work like new and it does. I do all the same stuff I use to do.  Thank you Kevin.

Stephanie SanDiego

I have been to a few physical therapy facilities and found that no one has given me the professional, one-on-one therapy and guidance that Fast Track has provided.

In each stage of the procedure, Kevin carefully instituted the proper therapy.  In March of 2011, I had injured my shoulder.  I went to the doctor and he recommended that I begin physical therapy and suggested Fast Track PT.  I began shortly thereafter.  The doctor realized that physical therapy alone was not the answer.  I needed an operation to repair the problem and then I returned to Fast Track one week after surgery.

The staff at Fast Track welcomes you into their family of patients with everyone moving towards the same goal of getting you back on track.  They were extremely accommodating and flexible with the scheduling of appointments.

Thanks to Fast Track Physical Therapy, four months after my operation I was released back into the workforce with full motion and strength in my shoulder allowing me to return to my regular duties.  Thanks Kevin for all your help and guidance.

Jim St. John

My husband and I have used Kevin Laser for physical therapy services for the past 5 years.  He is a very caring person and makes you feel as comfortable as possible.  Kevin is the best PT in the area!  We highly recommend him and Fast Track Physical Therapy!

Rhoda and Louis Rabinowitz

Fast Track Physical Therapy is a great facility!  Kevin is trustworthy and really listens to what you have to say.  He talks to you in a professional way that is easy to understand.  I never felt like I was being talked down to.  I highly recommend Fast Track and I would definitely return in the future if I am need of physical therapy services.

Edward K. Smith

Fast Track PT is a modern, up-to-date therapy facility.  Kevin Laser has been great in helping me return to normal after having a total knee replacement.  His energy and expert hands-on treatment helped make my recovery possible.  It has been three months since the surgery and each day I see more improvement than the last.  Kevin is outgoing, friendly, and professional in his dealings with his cliental.  Knowing he is helping those who are in pain and need his help after surgery, makes him an excellent therapist!  Be sure to call or visit him when you are in need.

Alice Russell

When I was going through a hard time, I had a wonderful experience at Fast Track Physical Therapy.  My back went out leaving me unable to work.  Kevin Laser and his staff were great!  They instantly made me feel welcome.  Kevin took the time to answer the one hundred and one questions I had that my doctors wouldn’t answer.  As I got better, Kevin got more aggressive with my treatments.  This got me back to work 3 weeks sooner than the doctors anticipated.  The staff always greeted me by name which made me feel a lot more comfortable.  In a time where patients are just numbers in many medical offices and quickly rushed in and out just to make money, I never felt rushed or like a number at Fast Track Physical Therapy.  Kevin gave me all the time and attention I needed!

Steve Scullion

At Fast Track PT, patients will experience excellent quality of care provided by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring Physical Therapist. Thanks to Kevin Laser, P.T. for providing much needed relief from nerve pain I believed would be permanent!  I know I am receiving the best care in a relaxed, friendly, and educational environment.

Lise Grossman

I had an accident from a plane evacuation that didn’t go well up in Toronto, Canada.  With healthcare not very good outside of the states, it took some time for my Ortho's to figure out what the problem was with my shoulder/neck. After surgery, I was referred to Kevin Laser.  I have been to several physical therapists before, but Kevin ranks the BEST.  Kevin gave me personal care like no other.  He listened to every complaint that I had and gave the best care that I could have ever asked for. Now I am on the road to a full recovery.  Thanks again Kevin.  You are the BEST.....

Liz Stippick

I highly recommend Fast Track Physical Therapy. They take the time to listen to you then figure out the best way to help relieve the pain. I feel so much better after therapy. They have state-of- the-art equipment and the office is very clean and such a nice atmosphere.

Robin Semola

I had a total knee replacement in 2009 and was very nervous about going to physical therapy after the operation.  I went to Kevin Laser for the therapy.  He is very knowledgeable and caring in the treatment he performs. He put my concerns at ease, and I was soon on my way to recovery. I would recommend him to everyone in need of  physical therapy.

Bob Deiter

Kevin at Fast Track PT is the best!  Both of us had intense pain issues in the shoulder and back.  The doctor recommended surgery as a last resort for the back pain. Ugh!  We went to Kevin who worked on us in the center and also gave us exercises to do at home.  In a matter of weeks, we are pain free!  Thank you Kevin!

Mark and Alice Lachewitz

When you have an active child with an injury, your goal is to get them healthy as soon as possible.  My husband and I knew instantly that our daughter was in the right hands under Kevin's care.  His expertise not only helped her heal and rehabilitate her shoulder but also taught her how to prevent further injury in the future.

Fast Track PT offers state-of-the art equipment and intensive physical therapy delivered in a professional atmosphere. Thank you Kevin!

Aemi Kenselaar

I had a problem with my rotator cuff and had to see Mr. Laser.  He worked wonders with me.  He really knows what he is doing.  He worked with me on this problem.  He gave me exercises to do at home, advice on how to work through the pain, and ideas on how to strengthen the muscles in the arm and shoulder to help it.  I noticed an improvement with each visit. He did a great job and I would go to him again for any physical therapy that I would need in the future.

Peggy Kulisek

Now that PT is winding down from 3 times a week to 1 time a week, I wanted to let you know that your caring and positive approach helped me through a very difficult time. When the insurance company gave me 3 facilities to pick from, I chose you. This has turned out to be the second best choice, next to my wife, I have ever made. When I first came to your facility, I was impressed from the minute I walked in the door. The first visit was a good visit but what sealed the deal was when you called and checked to see if everything was good after treatment.  I knew then that you were special and would take care of my PT needs. At each visit in the beginning, your positive approach to treatment took me from thinking the worse (knee replacement) to I would beat this diagnosis of AVN. The pain I was having was at times unbearable but as you treated my knee and you made suggestions as to what I can do at home, the pain reduced.  I know that you are 1 of the reasons I am now to the point of going from non weight-bearing, walking with crutches, walking with a brace and cane, to now walking with a cane. When I came to you for treatment, I think I may have been your first AVN patient.  Not only did you treat my problem, but you looked it up to give yourself a better understanding of the problem and you used that to help me understand. Your treatment is Superb, Caring for your patients-Outstanding, and your ability to have Empathy for your patients-Unbelievable. Your staff, Tamera and Allissa are also helpful, friendly, and professional. I am actually not looking forward to stopping treatment but I know it will end but will have experienced one of the most Professional, Caring, and Friendly individuals I have met. I would recommend you to anyone needing PT not only locally, but worldwide, because I feel once you start treating someone they will get better and improve. Also know if anyone in my family ever needs PT, they will be coming to you without question.  Good luck and God bless you and your family.

Tony Simone

I was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome and I needed to find a physical therapist.  I was lucky enough to be referred to Kevin Laser at Fast Track Physical Therapy.  Working with Kevin has given me much more flexibility and has improved my everyday life.  I highly recommend Kevin!

Tom Hurry
President, KEH Insurance Agency

Kevin Laser is a great physical therapist!!! I chose a 30 – 45 minute drive 3 times a week over a 5 minute drive down the street from my house because I just love everything about him, his office, and his staff. They are always very friendly, accommodating, and thorough.  I always felt comfortable to ask questions and never felt rushed.  If there was anything I didn’t understand or had concern about, it was always addressed to my satisfaction.  I’ve seen Kevin many times over the years and each and every time my issues were repaired.  He has a wide knowledge of the body and always has answers.  I recommend anyone needing physical therapy to go to Fast Track PT!!



Elizabeth Heck

Dear Kevin,

On behalf of my wife, Elaine, & I, I am sending this note of Thanks to you for your Caring & most Professional manner in treating us during our recent need for Physical Therapy. Because of you and your most gracious staff, you made what could have been a difficult situation very comfortable for both of us. It is quite reassuring to find a place to go where you enter with pain and come away with what is now a healthy life style.

You are also to be commended for your wonderful facility. As we were being treated, it seemed at times to be fun to be there due to your sense of humor and your methods of making people feel relaxed. Due to this, we are both not only Thankful to you but we would not hesitate to recommend you and your facility to our Family and Friends. You know this to be true as our oldest Son is now a patient.

Once again, THANK YOU and Best Wishes to you in your career. We will certainly be in touch with you for treatment if and when the need arises in the future.

Elaine & Dan Farr

I’ve known Kevin Laser for years as a Physical Therapist and have been to him many times for various issues.  He is absolutely the best!  Not only is he a great therapist, but he’s very empathetic and just a really good guy.  He really loves what he does and sincerely cares about his patients.

His new business, Fast Track PT, is large, comfortable, and has all the latest equipment.  I would recommend him and his new facility to anyone.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else….EVER!

Patty Thom

Hi.  Our names are Jim and Therese Price. We have known Kevin Laser since 2005.  I was Kevin's first patient in NJ.  I started therapy with him for shoulder problems. After several weeks of therapy and consultations with the doctor, Kevin was the one who realized that I was going to need surgery. After surgery, I returned to Kevin for therapy. Without Kevin's help and his positive encouragement, I don't think I would have been able to regain painfree movement of my shoulder.  Two years later, I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my hand and I again went to Kevin for post-operative physical therapy.

About a year later, Jim needed help with his lower back. Again we went to Kevin.  Kevin worked on Jim's back for several sessions and Jim made dramatic improvement with each session. This summer, Jim pulled a muscle in his upper back and there was no question where he wanted to go for help. After only four sessions, Jim was pain free.

Kevin and his staff are wonderful.  He has a brand new, fully equipped office very conveniently located on the White Horse Pike in Somerdale.  We highly recommend Kevin and his staff for any of your physical therapy needs.

Our son, Douglas, just had knee surgery last week and after his stitches are removed this week, we will be visiting Kevin again for Douglas' post-operative physical therapy.  See you next week Kevin!

Therese Price

My experience coming back from shoulder surgery was a difficult time compounded by having suffered recent strokes. From the first moment I met Kevin and his wonderful staff, I felt comfortable and welcome. Within moments of the evaluation and the first treatment, I knew I was in good hands. Fast Track Physical Therapy provided comprehensive, totally custom, knowledgeable, friendly, professional, healing, upbeat treatment... the total package!

I highly recommend Kevin and Fast Track! Thanks everyone!!

Gene Lista
Lista Studio of Photography

I am Rosemarie Daisey, and I am writing about Kevin Laser, Physical Therapist. I was a patient with injuries of the neck, back, and knees. When meeting Kevin Laser during consultation, I was very impressed by his professionalism and friendliness. He really cares about his patients and gives individual attention to the needs of his patients. Kevin explains what his treatments are thoroughly and takes his time to assure his patients that their health is his top priority. When in treatment, I had great confidence in Kevin, knowing that he would do everything possible to help me get better. One thing for sure, his patients are not "just an ID number" to him. He really listens and gives his patients individual attention and professional physical therapy. Kevin is a superior Physical Therapist and in my opinion "the best!" I drove 42 miles to be treated by him and it was well worth the long drive. I recovered from my neck, back, and knee injuries due to physical therapy and superior health care. I am happy to write that my physical therapy treatments with Kevin were successful and I am leading a normal life again! I AM GRATEFUL FOR KEVIN LASER BECAUSE OF HIS EXPERTISE IN PHYSICAL THERAPY! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KEVIN LASER TO ANYONE THAT WANTS THE "BEST PHYSICAL THERAPIST EVER!!!"

Rosemarie Daisy

Customer service is not just a catch phrase. So many times and for so many reasons people will return to where they have gotten good service. The health care industry is riddled with regulations and restrictions and for all of us, time is money. However, if you are in need of physical therapy, I cannot think of a better place to put your faith. Kevin Laser handles patients with the concern of a friend and the experience of a seasoned professional. Simply stated, Kevin puts every effort into designing a treatment program that will help you recover.

Patrick Koreck

I first met Kevin Laser when I needed physical therapy, and my family doctor suggested I go see him. I found him to be an excellent Physical Therapist; he was very compassionate as well as quite personable. I went through PT with him after shoulder surgery. So when I had double knee replacements several years ago, naturally, I called Kevin. He told me to come in as soon after surgery as I possibly could. After a couple of months of intense therapy (and a few tears from him pushing me to the limit), I was eventually able to bend my knees completely. In fact, when I returned to my surgeon for my one-year checkup, he was truly amazed how well I could bend my knees. He told me that my new knees should be good for life. I think Kevin Laser is the best PT around and one of the nicest and friendliest guys I know. I recommend him anytime I get a chance. I like to call him my “miracle worker”.

Sue Corson

I would recommend Fast Track PT to anyone who is in need of a physical therapist. Fast Track was the first PT facility I had ever visited. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as you walk through the door, you receive personal attention that immediately puts you at ease. With Kevin and his staff, you can expect professional, yet down to earth treatment, and every member of his staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Kevin is always attentive and you will come to develop a relationship of trust. Kevin will go above and beyond what is needed to rehabilitate you in the most efficient manner. You will receive awesome treatment!!!

Marilena Terwilliger

When I was in my mid-50s, an orthopedic specialist told me that I needed a knee replacement. I remember saying to him “the day I crawl into your office is the day you can replace my knee.” Completely frustrated, I asked my general practitioner if there were any other options. He scheduled me for 12 sessions with his physical therapist, Kevin Laser.

When I look back on my first visit, I am embarrassed how rude I was to Kevin. I was convinced that this was just another way that physicians take care of each other, sending the patient on dead end consultations.

During the first visit, Kevin listened to my story, reviewed my chart and suggested that my problems walking may have more to do with hamstrings than knees. Personally since the pain was in my knees I didn’t really believe him, but he exuded enough professionalism and confidence that I was willing to give him a chance.

By the third or fourth session, I was walking almost pain free, something I hadn’t done in years. Kevin prescribed a series of exercises that could be done at home, and long after I left his service, I kept coming back to those exercises for relief.

They say referral to others is one of the highest forms of compliment. I refer Kevin Laser to you with extreme confidence and enthusiasm. When my oldest son was injured in a motorcycle accident a year ago, Kevin was the one whom I directed him to for his rehabilitation.

Over my time in Kevin’s office, I saw a variety of patients with all types of injuries from neck, shoulder, back…you name it. They all had one thing in common besides the pain….confidence in Kevin. When you are hurting, your tolerance for nonsense goes to an all-time low. If you want someone whom you can trust; Kevin Laser should be your therapist.

Jim Randazzo

Kevin Laser has been my physical therapist for over 5 years. During that time, he corrected my frozen shoulders to the point where I now have almost 100% mobility. Due to his expert knowledge and exercises, I avoided a very painful shoulder surgery procedure.

Kevin came into work early to meet my job needs and always took the time to make sure progress was made during those visits. I recommend Kevin every chance I have. I am so happy that he branched out on his own and now has the ability to help others with their physical needs.

He is kind and caring physical therapist as well as an asset to his professional field.

Joanne Clement

After my second knee replacement, I knew I had many months of difficult physical therapy ahead of me.  Because I had several negative therapy experiences over the past few years, I actively “shopped around” for someone I would feel comfortable with.  I was thrilled to find Kevin Laser!  Everything about therapy with Kevin at Fast Track Physical Therapy has been outstanding.  Kevin is a fine person who happens to be an extremely organized, highly skilled, and compassionate physical therapist.  He carefully evaluates all patients then provides each and every one of them with much needed personal physical and emotional care.  At Fast Track Physical Therapy, he and his staff have created a clean, pleasant environment with state-of-the-art equipment.  Even though PT could be difficult, I looked forward to each and every session. Throughout the many ups and downs of my recovery, Kevin has been the one “constant”---always helping me to improve and keep my spirits up and my outlook optimistic.  There is truly no way I can adequately express how grateful I am for Fast Track Physical Therapy and Kevin Laser.

Connie Groves

I had tendinitis in my right shoulder resulting from overuse as an athlete participating in baseball, soccer, and swimming at Sterling High School. Despite three months of treatment by another physical therapist, this condition had not improved enough to warrant participation in baseball. I turned to Kevin in desperation, with a deadline of 1 month, in order to participate in Sterling’s baseball program.

With his excellent diagnostic skills, Kevin was able to employ therapy aided by modern equipment which resulted in my being able to participate at a very high level in three varsity sports. Besides providing physical therapy, Kevin took an interest in my progress and provided on-going consultations throughout my baseball and soccer seasons.

I, without a doubt, would recommend Kevin Laser to anyone who is in need of physical therapy services.

Andrew Mottola
Sterling High School, Class of 2013

I would like to start with a sincere & heartfelt “Thank You” to Fast Track Physical Therapy.

Beginning with my first phone call to Fast Track Physical Therapy to inquire about scheduling and treatment, I received a very professional and warm reception. Kevin Laser, PT & Jennifer Laser, MSPT along with their staff were very accommodating with information, course of treatment plan, flexible hours, and days of operation.

Being a person who has worked in the medical community for 30+ yrs, I was looking for an extremely hands-on physical therapy facility with excellent patient care. Not only did I find the hands-on therapy from Fast Track Physical Therapy, Kevin & Jennifer genuinely cared about my physical development & healing process.

Due to having 3 knee surgeries in 4 months (2 total knee replacements & 1 hematoma evacuation), meaning lots of scar tissue, Kevin took the time to massage, manipulate, use stimulation devices, implement weight-bearing and strengthening exercises, etc. My doctor was considering a 4th procedure due to the scar tissue, but because of Kevin’s course of treatment, I am back on my feet without walking assistance & canes, relieved of pain, & a huge change in my life style.

I have come a very long way from the first day I started with Fast Track Physical Therapy. In the beginning, I felt and looked terrible due to my surgeries and complications. MY PERSONAL experience at Fast Track Physical Therapy has been A+ Excellent. I would recommend anyone wanting phenomenal patient care, a great & calm environment, an extremely professional front desk reception staff (Allissa & Tamera), a beautiful & spacious facility with state-of the-art equipment and MOST OF ALL awesome & genuine therapists who care about your development (Kevin Laser & Jennifer Laser).

I guarantee your total satisfaction with your progress when using Fast Track Physical Therapy services.

Jerri Carter
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