“Boot Camp” Spine Program

"Boot Camp" Spine Program

If you are suffering with back and/or neck pain at any age, whether it’s before or after a surgery, ask us about our “Boot Camp” spine program.

The Boot Camp program is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that includes evaluation, treatment, and education for patients with sub-acute and chronic neck and back conditions. It involves aggressive spine rehabilitation that is appropriate for all ages. Objectives of our Boot Camp include improving your activity level, maximizing your function, desensitizing your pain through active exercise, and promoting physiological adaptation to aging.

When you sign on with our Boot Camp Spine program, you’ll have an individual meeting with one of our physical therapists. Your therapist will assess your pain, design a long-term exercise plan, and set goals for increased and improved function. We’ll help you reverse the deficits in your range of motion and strength through goal-oriented exercises.

In the initial 20 minutes of a session, your therapist will lead you in stretching exercises; the rest of the session includes gym training under the supervision of your therapist and assistants. You’ll complete a circuit of weight training equipment and lifting activities, all while being monitored for proper execution. Depending on your need, your program may last for up to six weeks, with two one hour sessions per week.

With our Boot Camp spine program, many of our patients report improved mobility and ability, and less pain. In most cases, our patients can return to most all of their normal activities, including athletics.

Schedule a Boot Camp now to get started on a better life. Reach out to Fast Track today and speak with a member of our staff. We’ll help you to reduce the pain and reclaim your life again.