Physical Therapist in Somerdale New Jersey

Physical Therapist in Somerdale New Jersey

Fast Track Physical Therapy is a privately-owned, outpatient-based physical therapist in Somerdale New Jersey. We are located right here in town, and we are dedicated to the highest quality of care for our patients, and to fully restoring our patients’ physical health and function as quickly as possible.

Physical therapy isn’t something you trust to just anyone. Especially with injury or surgery recovery, being yourself again as quickly as possible is your goal, and you should entrust physical therapists that care just as much about that goal as you do. Our licensed physical therapists provide one-on-one, personalized treatments, and a customized plan to put you on the Fast Track to recovery!

Services of Your Physical Therapist in Somerdale New Jersey

With many corporate owned rehabilitation facilities, the focus is on profit and quantity of patients. As a result, patients sometimes receive less than adequate care. If you’ve experienced this, you should know you have other options! In our Somerdale facility, we offer top of the line exercise equipment. But to us, the most important piece of equipment is the hands of our experienced, compassionate therapists, who perform the necessary techniques with you for as long as you need.

We strive to connect with our patients while providing care, and no two of our patients are treated the same. We start with a licensed therapist meeting with you, conducting a thorough evaluation of your injury or pain. We then develop a treatment plan and one-on-one care that is ideal for your rehabilitation needs. That same therapist will be there to implement the treatment plan each time you visit, and we won’t discharge you until we’ve achieved the best possible outcome and long term plan.

At Fast Track, we’re dedicated to 100% patient satisfaction. A large number of our patients have come from direct physician referrals and were extremely pleased with the care they received. We’ve also received high praise from patients who were dissatisfied with the care they received elsewhere. Fast Track accepts most all major insurances, and we will verify your coverage prior to your initial evaluation.

We believe that you will be very happy choosing us as your physical therapist in Somerdale New Jersey. Call us today or use this online form to get started on the Fast Track to a healthy life again!

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