Physical Therapist in Hi-Nella New Jersey

Physical Therapist in Hi-Nella New Jersey

Fast Track Physical Therapy is ideally located for residents seeking an exceptional physical therapist in Hi-Nella New Jersey. We are based nearby in Somerdale, and we are a privately-owned and outpatient-based provider committed to your high-quality care. Our goal for each of our patients is to restore physical function and health quickly, and we create individual treatment plans that put you on the Fast Track to recovery!

When you have an injury or you are recovering from surgery, of course you want to heal quickly and properly, and be able to restore full function of muscles, joints, and ligaments. Physical therapy is something you should entrust to a team of professionals who care just as much as you do about your recovery.

In our years of practicing physical therapy, we’ve seen how corporate-owned facilities focus on the quantity of patients and profit rather than the quality of care. If you’ve been dissatisfied with your physical therapy in such an environment, you should know that you have other options. Our convenient facility features the latest state of the art equipment, but the most important piece of equipment here is our therapists’ hands. Our team is compassionate and experienced, and we execute the necessary techniques properly with you for as long as you need.

Your Qualified Physical Therapist Near Hi-Nella New Jersey

At Fast Track, we understand that all of our patients’ needs are different, and no two of our patients are treated the same. We start with one of our professionals speaking with you and conducting a complete evaluation of your injury. From there, we create an individualized plan for your treatment that includes one-on-one care. You’ll meet with that therapist in each future visit, and we’ll be sure to achieve the best possible outcome before you are discharged.

From injury to recovery, our goal is your 100% satisfaction! In many cases, patients have been referred to us and completely satisfied with the results, especially compared to the treatment they have received elsewhere. We accept most every major insurance plan, and we make sure to verify that you’re covered before we proceed with your care.

We don’t discharge our patients without the best possible outcomes, and a long term follow up plan. We pride ourselves on our track record of complete satisfaction, as well as word-of-mouth referrals from former patients. Contact us today for more information on how we deliver the highest quality of care, allowing our patients to achieve their maximum functional level, and meet their goals. The time is now- call today to get one-on-one, personalized treatments by a licensed physical therapist, and a customized care plan designed to get you back in the game.

See why we’re the preferred choice for patients searching for a physical therapist in Hi-Nella New Jersey. Call us today or request an appointment here, and get started on the Fast Track to a healthy and pain-free life again!

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