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Physical Therapist in Cherry Hill, New JerseyIf you are seeking a physical therapist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, check out Fast Track Physical Therapy, located about 1 exit down 295 just a short distance away in Somerdale. Our therapists are devoted to advancing your physical health and muscular function as quickly as possible. The team at our clinic is ready to help restore your physical abilities, and put you on the Fast Track to recovery!

If you’ve visited a corporate-owned physical therapy facility, you’ve probably had the experience many of our referred customers have had…a clear focus on quantity of patients rather than quality care, and all too often a one size fits all treatment that doesn’t work for every patient.

Interested in seeing the difference we’ve made for South Jersey residents? Have a look at our testimonials here!

Your Experienced Physical Therapist Near Cherry Hill NJ

At Fast Track, we assist our patients with the highest quality of care, that allows them to achieve their maximum functional level and meet or exceed their personal goals. We believe each patient is different and requires a specific therapy plan. Your first step to getting back to better starts at reception, where you will be provided with the best available appointment for an initial evaluation within the next two days.

We use state of the art fitness and physical therapy equipment, but our philosophy is always that the most important equipment we offer is the hands of our skilled therapists.

Post-COVID Rehabilitation Therapy: We also offer physical therapy and exercise programs for people who are suffering the symptoms of recovery from COVID-19, including the headaches, muscular pains and even depression and anxiety symptoms. Find out more about our post-COVID rehabilitation program here. We can help improve your health and your overall outlook!

Your initial evaluation starts with us looking at what brought you in. We will do a thorough review of your medical history, look at current medications you are taking, and physician recommendations. We then develop a therapy plan that is specific for your rehabilitation.

Each time you visit our facility, you’ll meet with the same therapist. What’s more, we won’t discharge you until we believe you’ve achieved the best possible outcome. With each visit, our clients learn the appropriate manual techniques, modalities, and exercises. Each program is designed to re-learn the mind/body connection for the injured muscle.

Our Health & Fitness Center is a major part of your recovery. Your membership includes periodic re-assessments of your progress. Along the way, we’ll adjust your training program and get you one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Start Today With Your Physical Rehabilitation!

Cherry Hill Physical Therapists

Let our experienced staff help you improve your physical well-being through individual programs. Your rehabilitation can include weight loss, core training, muscular development and balance, post rehab, sports conditioning, and postural improvements. The Post-Physical Therapy Gym Program is designed to encourage Physical Therapy patients to continue with their rehabilitation goals post discharge from Physical Therapy services. By taking part in this program, it allows the Physical Therapist to monitor their progress. We can also be available for any questions or concerns for the months following Physical Therapy.

Contact us today to make an appointment. You will immediately connect with our professionally trained, friendly receptionist. Our receptionist will provide you with an appointment time within 24-48 hours of your phone call if possible. For acute injuries, we make every effort to provide service the same day.

We’ve had many patients come from direct referrals and we’ve delighted them with the care we provided. We hope to do the same for you.

Reach out to Fast Track today and see why we’re the preferred choice of residents seeking a physical therapist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. You will immediately connect with our professionally trained, friendly receptionist.

Are you a senior involved in a Medicare Advantage Program? Get in better shape with our help for FREE through the SilverSneakers program! Our staff can provide you with a free fitness assessment, get you on the right track with a fitness program, and help you meet your fitness goals through encouragement and advice. Be sure to ask about the program, and see how you can get in better shape through Fast Track!

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