Physical Therapist in Stratford New Jersey

Physical Therapist in Stratford New JerseyFast Track Physical Therapy is conveniently located for residents seeking a physical therapist in Stratford New Jersey. We are a privately owned, outpatient-based physical therapy provider based in nearby Somerdale, and we are dedicated to the highest quality care for our patients.

We work towards fully restoring your physical health and function as quickly as possible, with personalized treatments that put you on the Fast Track to recovery!

Finding Your Physical Therapist near Stratford New Jersey

Our qualified therapists perform the necessary therapy techniques with you for as long as needed to achieve positive results. It is our belief, a belief that is strongly supported by current research literature, that manual therapy plays a primary role in the recovery process and helps to restore full function. We offer exceptional care in a friendly environment and clean facility. In addition, we don’t discharge any of our patients without the best possible outcomes and a long term follow up plan.

As we’ve seen in so many cases with corporate owned rehabilitation facilities, the focus is more on quantity of patients rather than quality of care. The goal often seems to be to rush patients through sessions, and get them out the door quickly, whether they are healing properly or not.

If you’ve experienced less than adequate care from a profit-driven rehab facility, you should know that you have other choices! Fast Track’s conveniently located Somerdale facility offers advanced high end exercise equipment, but we believe the most important equipment we offer is the capable hands of our compassionate professionals, who are always on hand to help you execute your therapy properly for as long as you need.

Our therapists treat a wide variety of conditions, including treatment for concussions, work-related injuries and post-COVID rehabilitation. You can view most of the conditions we treat here, but if you don’t see your own condition be sure to ask how we can help. We also offer expert functional capacity evaluations that help make you aware of your abilities and where you can overcome your physical limitations.

Putting Our Patients And Their Well-Being First.

At Fast Track, it’s our goal to provide care that meets your individual needs. We treat all of our patients as individuals with different goals. Our service begins with one of our licensed therapists meeting with you and conducting a thorough evaluation of your pain. We then develop a therapy plan that is specific for your rehabilitation. Each time you visit our facility, you’ll meet with the same therapist. Remember, we won’t discharge you until we believe you achieve the best possible outcome.

It’s all part of our goal of 100% patient satisfaction! Many of our patients have come from direct referrals and have been extremely pleased with the care we provided. Many more have come to us after frustration with care elsewhere. We accept most all major insurance plans, and we’ll verify your coverage before your initial evaluation.

When you need a capable and compassionate physical therapist in Stratford New Jersey, give us a try. Call us today or use this online form and start on the Fast Track to a healthy life again!

Check Out The Silver Sneakers Program!

Pssst…have you heard about the Silver Sneakers program? It is a free fitness program that’s available to qualified seniors with Medicare Advantage plans. At Fast Track, we partner with Silver Sneakers! We help members with a free fitness assessment, developing an exercise plan, and providing ongoing support in sticking with it. See if you’re eligible for Silver Sneakers…click here to find out more about this program!

Don’t forget about our Fast Track fitness and recover products, available in our facility for you to purchase and take home. If need be, visit our store for Biofreeze products, stretch out straps, cold packs, therapeutic putty and more. It’s all part of the package of how we offer the best possible treatment for our Stratford area patients!

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