Post-COVID Rehabilitation in South Jersey

post-Covid rehabilitation in South Jersey

While thousands of South Jersey residents have thankfully recovered from Covid-19, many are suffering from symptoms that last well beyond the virus’s duration. People may often still suffer shortness of breath, fatigue, joint or chest pain and a host of other symptoms. Fast Track Physical Therapy is here to help with your post-Covid rehabilitation in South Jersey.

If you’ve contracted and survived Covid, you may still be struggling with headaches, muscle pains, or even anxiety and depression among other maladies. If you are struggling, reach out to Fast Track. We can assist you with a number of rehabilitation exercises and treatments.

Our post-Covid rehabilitation in South Jersey location offers a variety of physical therapy treatments, including:

• Helping you to improve your posture and quality of gait
• Helping to improve your balance to decrease fall risk
• Minimizing pain from prolonged positions in a hospital
• Maximizing upper and lower body strength
• Increasing your endurance through treadmills, ellipticals, NuStep and stationary bikes
• Helping you reduce numbness and tingling in joints and muscles

The professionals at Fast Track offer these services and much more for post-Covid rehab patients in the South Jersey region. Please don’t wait for the symptoms to heal on their own…make an appointment with us today.

When you arrange an appointment with Fast Track, one of our professionals will meet with you to design a program that is customized to your needs and addresses your specific symptoms. You’ll meet with that same therapist for every session, and we won’t discharge you until we believe you’ve achieved the best possible outcome. Fast Track accepts most all major insurances, including Medicare.

Covid has been devastating to so many of us, but we’re glad to see so many of our patients fighting and overcoming this virus. If you are a survivor, don’t live with symptoms that can be addressed and even healed. Reach out to Fast Track PT today, and get on the fast track to reclaiming your life again.

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