Physical Therapist in Lawnside New Jersey

Physical Therapist in Lawnside New JerseyAt Fast Track Physical Therapy, we effectively treat clients who need a physical therapist in Lawnside New Jersey. We are based just a short drive away in Somerdale, and we treat patients throughout the South Jersey region.

As a physical therapy center, we aim to quickly restore your physical health and functions with world class care. It is our one-on-one, personalized treatments that gives us our reputation as a preferred licensed physical therapist in the area. Our facility is determined to bring the highest quality of care, to give our patients their maximum functional level to hit their personal goals.

Your Experienced Physical Therapist Near Lawnside NJ

With Fast Track, our professionally trained receptionist works with you to establish the best appointment time to get your initial evaluation within 24-48 hours if possible. In the case of an acute injury, we do what we can to meet with you for a same day appointment.

Your initial evaluation will include:

  • A comprehensive and thorough review of your medical history.
  • Current medications you are taking, and physician recommendations.
  • A complete physical examination.

Using this information, we then:

  • Formulate and discuss the details of the assessment so you can understand what is being looked for and tested.
  • Medical and physical therapy diagnosis to better help you understand the severity of the complications.
  • Prognosis for an expected treatment and healing time.
  • An individualized plan of care for treatment to get the treatment started.

After your initial evaluation, our licensed physical therapist can get started on your treatment. With each visit, you’ll learn the appropriate manual techniques, modalities and exercises designed to re-learn your mind and body connection for the injured muscle. For us, educating you on the care you are receiving, and providing an on-going evaluation of your condition is essential to developing trust with your body.

In addition, you’ll be using the latest and modernized equipment in our Fitness Center. We offer a post-physical therapy gym program for our patients that allows our therapists to monitor your progress and continue to guide you to improved outcomes. We offer gym memberships on a month-by-month or yearly basis if you desire, with discounted rates for multiple family members.

Fast Track accepts most all major insurances including Medicare, and we’ll take the time to ensure that your treatment is covered before we begin.

Let us help you feel better and more mobile. If you’re seeking a physical therapist in Lawnside New Jersey, go with Fast Track Physical Therapy. Build a better tomorrow by clicking here today!