How We Are Different

Unlike corporate owned and multi-clinic physical therapy facilities that focus on quantity, Fast Track Physical Therapy strives to connect with each and every patient while providing unsurpassed quality care. No two patients are treated the same as far as their treatment approach. After a thorough evaluation by a licensed Physical Therapist, an individualized treatment plan is established and implemented with one-on-one care by the SAME Physical Therapist each and every visit. We believe that consistency is key to get our patients on the Fast Track to recovery.

We strongly believe in a manual approach to treatment. The majority of our patients will receive one-on-one hands on treatment along with a comprehensive exercise program tailored to your specific needs. You will never be left alone to do your exercises. Our staff will be supervising and instructing you throughout each treatment.

With a proven track record and 100% patient satisfaction, we pride ourselves on the word-of-mouth referrals from current and former patients. We also get direct referrals from physicians who have been extremely pleased with the care their patients have received, including treatment for themselves and their family members. Furthermore, physicians often refer patients to Fast Track Physical Therapy after complaints about less than adequate care at a corporate owned or multi-clinic facilities. With exceptional care in a friendly and clean Physical Therapist owned facility like Fast Track Physical Therapy, our patients will not be discharged without the best possible outcomes and a long term follow up plan.