Physical Therapist in Gloucester Township New Jersey

From athletes to those recovering from random injuries, the team at Fast Track Physical Therapy has been the go-to for physical therapist in Gloucester Township New Jersey.

From athletes to those with random injuries, Fast Track Physical Therapy has been the go-to for physical therapists in Gloucester Township New Jersey. For the therapists at Fast Track Physical Therapy, the goal is to get clients back to their standard or better. The aim is always to restore your physical health in the quickest way possible without compromising long term effects.

Anyone with a nagging injury or unavoidable discomfort knows diagnosing, treating, and nursing their body is pertinent to getting back to normalcy. The staff here is driven by the opportunity and understanding of physical restoration and rehabilitation. They want all patients, by the end of treatment, to achieve the maximum functionality and comfort level. Their commitment to personal goals matches with their world-class expertise, which leaves many in the Gloucester Township satisfied with results after the program has ended.

Visiting Physical Therapist in Gloucester Township New Jersey

Your first step to getting back to better starts with reception, where you will be provided with the best available appointment for an initial evaluation within the next two days. However, for those who have an acute injury, the best efforts for a same-day appointment will be made.
During your first appointment, the trainer will dive deep into your medical history, including what medications are a part of your daily regimen and recommendations from your physician. From there, the physical examination takes place. This step is crucial to the trainer and the client, as the condition will be diagnosed, the recovery time/ prognosis discussed, and the plan for proper care designed. This kind of quality and systemic process is a staple for the physical therapist in Gloucester Township, New Jersey.

After the initial evaluation, the therapist can begin treatment. All therapists are certified and licensed. Every session for the client is geared towards developing appropriate manual techniques, with exercises essential to reteaching the body how to move. The care does not stop at therapy- it continues with follow-ups and on-going evaluations of your condition and/or injury throughout your care.

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