Vestibular Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy for Balance ProblemsDo you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Vertigo –do your surroundings appear to be moving or spinning?
  • Do you have imbalance, clumsiness or difficulty walking?
  • Brief episodes of dizziness or imbalance when moving quickly?
  • An abnormal sensation of movement, rocking or floating?
  • Difficulty keeping visual focus when driving or reading?
  • Discomfort in busy environments such as stores, crowds or traffic?
  • Motion sickness or nausea?
  • Dizziness associated with fatigue and difficulty concentrating?
  • Sensitivity to loud noises or certain visual patterns?
  • Headaches or a feeling of fogginess in your head?
  • Dizziness associated with concussion or whiplash injury?
  • A history of falls, or fear of falling?

Vestibular rehabilitation is associated with inner ear disorders, migraine, mild brain injury, or other various conditions. It begins with a thorough patient evaluation to develop a treatment plan unique to your needs and diagnosis. Your physical therapist will also teach you a special set of exercises targeting balance, posture, coordination, movement re-education, and compensatory strategies, in order increase independence, comfort, safety, mobility, and participation in daily living activities.

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